For my family and me, last year was marked by homecomings – actual and figurative, jubilant and bittersweet, eagerly awaited and sadly anticipated. Funny how life often combines tears with laughter, pain with joy.

After years of dreaming and months of work, worry, and waiting, we left behind the busy, buzzing city and moved to the country, where we daily experience nature all around us… a lovely garden, wandering deer, a crackling fire in the hearth... and peaceful silence. We have finally found our earthly home.

This Aubrey Sport collection celebrates life’s wonderful contrasts, which we see so clearly as we settle into our new surroundings. The yarn itself is beautifully dichotomous, combining two fibers both known for their quiet strength and luxurious drape – Blue Faced Leicester wool and silk. The back-to-basics palette revitalizes perennial favorite colors – no speckles, no fades, just good old semi-solids in irresistible shades inspired by nature.

Some of my favorite designers from all over the world have contributed to this collection of varied and versatile knitwear. Whether you’re at home or away, settled or wandering, my wish is for Homecoming to engage your heart and hands with beauty and comfort.

Happy knitting!

A beautifully printed book curated by Martin's Lab.

"Homecoming" contains 11 designs from mittens, shawls to sweaters. All designs are created with Martin's Lab Aubrey Sport yarn available in the shop.

The talented designers participating in the collection are: Julie Dubreux - Carol Feller - Jonna Hietala - Bristol Ivy - Asja Janeczek - Isabell Kraemer - Justyna Lorkowska - Christelle Nihoul - Dieuwke Schack-Mulligen - Woolly Wormhead.

Homecoming Lookbook

ISBN: 978-83-946712-3-5
Cover: paperback, matt
Pages: 108
Publishing house: Jumar Press